Access▶ By car/30 minutes’ drive from Gero Hot Spring via Route 41 and 257
By train/15 minutes from JR Hida-Hagiwara Station by bus or taxi

  • Southern Hida Maze River Tourist Association
  • 1508-1, Nishimura, Maze, Gero-city, Gifu, Japan
  • TEL +81 576-47-2841
    FAX +81 576-47-2333
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Southern Hida Maze River Hot Spring Miki-no-Sato

At the “Southern Hida Maze River Hot Spring Miki-no-Sato/Hotel Miki”, visitors can enjoy the simple alkaline hot spring that makes the skin beautiful with 15 kinds of baths. In the open-air bath located on the hill, the sky full of stars can be seen at night. It is fantastic to see the river fog rising from Maze River wrapping the mountain village in the early morning.

Southern Hida Maze River
Hot Spring Miki-no-Sato

Maruhachi Ryokan

Maruhachi Ryokan is a small inn whose dishes are very special. The menu varies seasonally and Ayu fish is served in summer. Not only Japanese but foreign tourists visit there for the cuisine.

Maruhachi Ryokan

Minshuku Musasaya

Minshuku Musasaya is a guest house located at the upper stream of the Maze River. Guests will relax in the warm atmosphere at the tranquil riverside and taste various stream fish.

Minshuku Musasaya
  • ☎ +81 576-47-2065
  • Address: 1458, Kuroishi, Maze, Gero-city, Gifu, Japan

Kaorreot Camp

There is a camp site at the hill surrounded by a bunch of magnolia trees. Visitors can enjoy a private kind of atmosphere like a secret hideaway since the site is far from the main road. The owner is kind and friendly so there are many repeat visitors. Some use it as the base for a long trip going to Gujo, Takayama and Shirakawago.

Kaore Auto-Camping Site
  • ☎+81 576-47-2577
  • Address: 555, Kaore, Maze, Gero-city, Gifu, Japan

Oidani Sasayaki Natural Park Camp Site

This camping site is located at the northern end of Maze village and near the border with Kiyomi, Takayama city. It is super quiet because surrounded by virgin beech forest and distant from the main road. Visitors can enjoy a two-story cottage style separated from the parking area by a single suspension bridge.

Oidani Sasayaki Natural Park Camping Site
  • ☎+81 576-47-2904
  • Address: 523, Kaore, Maze, Gero-city, Gifu, Japan

Auto-Camping Site Suzushino

In the middle of Maze village, there is another camping site along the river in the Ogiwara settlement. The bungalow style in front of the Maze River is suitable for the base of fishing. Some activities are available such as catching fish by hand and picking vegetables so visitors can feel like seeing relatives in the countryside.

Auto-Camping Site Suzushino